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New wind in Public Education

Apart from massive renovation of schools, Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole in his strong determination to provide quality education has commenced the construction of three standard Model Secondary Schools across the three Senatorial Districts in the state.

At inception, the Comrade Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole administration inherited a decayed educational sector with total infrastructural failure, apathy and low morale on this part of the workforce and over concentration of the teaching staff in the urban areas. Determined to make an impact on the lives of the people and acknowledging the fact that education is the bedrock of socio-economic development of the state, poverty reduction and wealth creation.

Governor Oshiomhole took the bull by the horn by re-inventing education which made the school environment conducive for teaching and learning. He introduced the “Total School Transformation programme” which has changed the face of 27 hitherto dilapidated structures in some Junior and Senior Secondary Schools in the state with the construction/renovation of 511 classrooms.

The underlisted schools so far benefited from the ongoing Total School Transformation Programme of the State Government. The schools are:

  • Idia College, Benin City
  • Niger College, Benin City
  • St. Maria Goretti Girl’s Grammar School, Benin City
  • St. John’s Model College, Frugar
  • Annunciation Catholic College, Irrua
  • St. John Bosco College, Ubiaja
  • Edo Boys High School, Benin City
  • Igueben Grammar School, Igueben
  • St. Angela’s Grammar School, Uzairue
  • Our Lady of Fatima School Auchi
  • Holy Trinity Grammar, Sabongida Ora
  • Iguobazua Grammar School, Iguobazua
  • St. Paul’s Anglican Grammar School, Igarra
  • Urhonigbe Grammar School, Urhonigbe
  • Uokha Junior Secondary School Uokha
  • Ososo Junior Secondary School Ososo
  • Ewossa Junior Secondary School, Ewossa
  • Obieze Junior Secondary School, Ubiaja