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Whither Edo PDP?

Whither Edo PDP?

Judging by the plethora of hasty, incoherent, inconsistent and totally uninspiring press releases emanating from the leadership of Edo State PDP within the last few days, it is obvious that the party has just realised that, with its threat to boycott the forthcoming local government election and the decamping of some of their high profile and most loyal leaders, it is almost  game over for them.

 In their confusion and last minute desperate attempt to shake its tail after the head has been cut off,  they have resorted to cheap blackmail bytrivialising serious issues of governance like security and investments. Edo people need not be told about Governor Godwin Obaseki, by a party that they know too well for its trademark of deceit, greed and penchant for sharing the money. Edo people have eyes and they have ears. They see around them the roads that Godwin Obaseki’s  government has constructed. They see the brand new Comrade buses that Godwin Obaseki bought and are currently in use.

 They drive through all the newly constructed access roads in Government Reservation Area and environs. They see the ongoing day and night reconstruction of the Ring road. They hear about the influx of business men from Asia and Europe into Edo State. They heard about Alaghodaro and know very well what it means. They heard that Governor Godwin Obaseki is using Edo State money strictly for the benefit of Edo people.

They know that Governor Godwin Obaseki is investing in the future of Edo State and they are no fools not to know that the companies which these investors are establishing will create jobs, boost purchasing power in the state and depend on local raw materials which will stimulate economic activities all around the state.

 Edo people are not fools and certainly will not forget the huge amount of money that the last PDP governments sank into elephant projects like the Ikpoba river dam without a single inch of the river dredged. They are aware  that Governor Godwin Obaseki has promised to dam Ikpoba River not as a means of siphoning funds but as a genuine effort to solve the energy needs of this state. Governor Godwin Obaseki may be signing MoUs but we the people of Edo state trust him to implement the agreements to the letter because he has shown that he joined politics not to loot or destroy but to build and deliver the goods.

Edo people are confident that Governor Obaseki’s position on the issue of herdsmen will be in the interest of Edo people and we do not need a discredited PDP to hurry Governor Obaseki into taking a hasty decision on an issue that needs serious pondering. Finally, Edo people have concluded that in one year alone Governor Godwin Obaseki has achieved what PDP could not achieve in 10 years.  It amazes reasonable minds that Edo PDP can summon the effrontery to shamelessly engage in this insulting circus around the state. But since they have started it, I call on them toapologise to the people of Edo State at every stop, for the10 years they pilfered, vandalised and ran this state aground. They should also not forget to thank the father of modern Edo State, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole who in eight years cleared their mess and set up a foundation  upon which Governor Godwin Obaseki is working assiduously to erect an Edo State that will become the pride of our children and  the envy of other states within the commonwealth of the Nigerian nation state


Victor Oshioke 

Liberated Indigene of Edo State.

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