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Fake Press Statements on Social Media

Fake Press Statements on Social Media

A fake press statement purportedly issued by the Honourable Commissioner for Communication and Orientation, Edo State, Hon. Paul Ohonbamu, on the ban on the use of public school buildings, roads and other public places for social events has been trending online since yesterday.

We wish to state that the fake press statement riddled with errors did not emanate from the office of the Hon. Commissioner for Communication and Orientation. The Press Statement that was issued by the Hon. Commissioner is here attached as published by The Nigerian OBSERVER Newspaper. Our detractors and mischief makers on social media and their loyalists are the brains behind the forged press statement and their plan is to ridicule the Hon. Commissioner and portray him as incompetent.

While we are not surprised that these people could descend so low, given their reputation for lying from both sides of their mouth, we however owe the general public a duty to present them with accurate information.


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