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Enigie’s wives back Oshiomhole on continuity

Enigie’s wives back Oshiomhole on continuity
Wives of Royal Fathers (Enigies) in Edo South under the aegis of Enigies Wives Forum in the Benin Kingdom say they are praying for the continuity and sustenance of the infrastructural development of Benin City and other parts of the state recorded in the state in the past eight years.
The Enigies’ wives who lauded Governor Oshiomhole for putting Benin City on the same pedestal as other modern state capitals in the country prayed for the blessings of their ancestor on the Governor.
Mrs Stella Aigbe, who led other members of the Association on a courtesy visit to Governor Oshiomhole at the Government House to formally introduce the body to the Governor, said their visit was “also to appreciate you (Governor Oshiomhole) for your developmental strides in Edo State especially in Benin Kingdom.”
She explained that the Forum was established out of the desire to promote the Benin culture and maintain a close association with the government as partners in progress on issues that touch the citizenry, especially women and children.
According to her, “we are here to also appreciate the Government for reclaiming and beautifying Benin through the urban renewal programme that you have promised, designed and executed.
“During your tenure thus far, I say without fear of contradiction, that all the sectors of human endeavour have greatly been improved upon from roads to schools, hospitals, transport, markets, sports tourism, the list is endless.”
She spoke further, “The government today has made it possible for businessmen to invest in facilities that promote tourism. It is a common sight in Benin City today to see exotic hotels and parks. The Benin night has been given a rebirth because of the secured lighted environment. This generation and indeed the future generation will remain grateful to you for this improvement on our dear state.”
Mrs Aigbe continued: “our dear Comrade Governor, you indeed re-awakened the factors that made Benin City, for example, the beautification of our moat. Before now, during the era of “mammy water” on Siluko road, “Morocco and Spain” on Upper Sokponba road or five junction “ocean” but today you have chased the “mammy water” from Siluko, bridged the gap between “Morocco and Spain” and dried up the ocean at five junction.
“One unique feature about the roads you constructed, even in the rainy season, the roads are still intact because they are constructed to standard. From your track record, we are confident that you know what is best for the state and you are giving the best possible and the state will appreciate you by accepting your best. Up till date, you are still executing projects which shows that the development of the state is not a seasonal issue as it is an all-year-round affair.
“We, the Enigies wives hope and pray for its sustenance and continuity when you hand over the baton of leadership. We also want to appreciate your amiable first lady, Her Excellency Iara Oshiomhole for her “We Care Trust.” We are indeed grateful sir.
“You have left your footprints on the sands of time, our dear Comrade Governor, we the Enigies wives appreciate you and may God bless you and the ancestors bless you.”
Responding, Edo State Governor, Comrade Oshiomhole thanked the Enigies wives for appreciating his developmental strides saying, “let me thank you for your very kind words, your very generous statement about my stewardship in the state. For me, it was a little attempt to try to repay the huge debt, my indebtedness to the people of this kingdom because never in the history never in the political history of Edo State, of the old Bendel State and even of the Midwest State has anybody been favoured to the extent that I have been favoured by the people of Benin kingdom.
“In 2007, I was still able to win the majority of the votes in Benin Kingdom without which I wouldn’t have been a governor in 2007. It was those votes that we used to in the court to retrieve the mandate that was stolen from me and in 2012, you helped me to make history as the first governor ever to win election in all the 77 wards in Benin kingdom.”
The Governor urged the women to help him thank their husbands for their royal support and royal blessings which he had enjoyed over the past eight years saying, “I can never ever forget.
“When you compare our report card in under eight years to the report card of our opponents for 10 years, I believe your statement here has captured it very well. Now the challenge right now is how do we sustain and build and further improve the state of affairs? As mothers, you know more than anyone else what it takes to re-build a house and how easy it is for a house to be pulled down.
“May the Edo project never suffer a reverse. And that is why my party has adopted one of us who chaired our economic team because how you manage your finances nobody knows it more than women. Godwin Obaseki who we have nominated as our candidate, as chairman of our economic team, has been part and parcel of all the things that we have accomplished.”

Peter Okhiria,
CPS to Edo State Governor


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