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Edo’ll build roads even if oil price crashes to zero — Oshiomhole

Edo’ll build roads even if oil price crashes to zero — Oshiomhole

Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State has affirmed that his administration will not stop work on ongoing road projects and construct new ones even if the price of crude oil crashes to zero.

Speaking at the flag-off of the 10-km Uzebba-Okpuje-Okabhor road in Owan West Local Government Area of Edo State, yesterday, Oshiomhole said “like I promised during the electioneering campaign in 2007, I said I have not come to join people to lament the misrule of PDP. I have not come to shed tears about missed opportunities. I have come together with my colleagues on a rescue mission, to show that whatever they said was not possible, to demonstrate that it is possible and that everything they refused to do, we will try to do it.

“We started by building schools, and I am sure in this local government you have what they now call the red roof schools. I am sure in a couple of places we have also sunk boreholes, and I am sure some of your sons and daughters who are working for Edo State Government, their salaries for May has been paid, and the wage has even been increased.

“I can assure you it has been tough, and it is still tough. It might get even tougher in the very near future. But there is nothing we have started in this state under my stewardship that we have abandoned. And therefore, this one is yet another project that we will complete. It will not be abandoned. Even if oil price crashes to zero, this road will be done.

“We have already mobilized the contractor, so we are not owing. And the contractor has Owan blood. He must ensure that this road is better than any other road that we have built so that it will last much longer than twenty-five years because, for me, a government must never deceive the citizens because we don’t settle for less than the best.

“That is why all the roads that we are constructing, we insist that they must have not just laterite base, we also ensure they have stone base to make sure that the asphalt does not peel off fast, and that we create drainage wherever it is necessary so that the water can flow out and protect the asphalt. That is why our roads are better than PDP Federal roads. None of our roads has failed, and I have spent seven and half years in office now. We have not gone back to the quality of roads we met before. So, I assure you that this will be the same.”

Oshiomhole said he wants to be remembered as the only Governor in the history of Mid-West, Bendel and Edo States to have constructed roads in all the Local Government Areas of the State, saying his administration has already constructed a road linking Owan East and Owan West.

Speaking on behalf of the community, Mr. Richard Ofeimun extolled the Governor for remembering the community, saying Oshiomhole would leave his footprints in the sands of time, and the community will never forget him.

He said, “The Comrade Governor made this pledge to us that he will not leave us alone. Today, we are very glad that the Comrade Governor has come to fulfill his electoral promises to the people of Iuleha clan. We want to say that the flag off of this road today is a milestone, and it is going to be a pivot for the development of all communities ranging about nine, ten communities along this road.”

He pledged the support and loyalty of the community to Governor Oshiomhole, saying “I want to thank the Comrade Governor, and say that many people, our elders, were yearning to see this day, but they did not get an opportunity to see this day. I want to say that our sons, our daughters yet unborn will continue to salute you and thank you for this job you are doing for this community.

“I wish to also say that by way of trying to say thank you, the chiefs and elders of this community and the entire people of our community, the youths, the elders, the women will continue to support your government, and also ensure that by the grace of God, the worthy successor for Edo State come September 10, we are going to give our total support and loyalty to your government. And our elders will continue in steadfast prayers for your success, both in and even out of government, we are very grateful to you.”

Peter Okhiria,
CPS to Edo State Governor


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