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Group capt. Baba Adamu Iyam (August 22 1996 – August 7, 1998.)

Group Captain. Baba Adamu Iyam became the Military Governor on August 22 1996, a position he occupy till August 7, 1998. Coming into leadership in a Commando like format showing the caliber of leaders the Military has produced. He sacked 8,000 Edo state workers from service. He did not only stop there, in February 1997, he halted all grants to the Edo State University Ekpoma. This he did because he felt the government ought not to fund Universities. After halting the fund, he appointed a sole administrator for the University who will report to him directly. The academia in the state as well as workers will not forget in a hurry what befell them during the reign of Adamu Iyam.

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