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The Oba of Benin,Omo N’Oba,N’Edo Uku Akpolokplolo is the king of  Benin Kingdom, Oba Erediauwa, the reigning Oba of Benin is a leader with a charming personality and background.Oba Erediauwa is the mature fruit of the seed his grandfather Eweka II, planted and nurtured by his fatherAkenzua II. Hence, a new Oba, groomed and well-equipped, steeped in the culture, norms and traditions of the old Benin Kingdom, but prepared for Nigeria of the 80s and beyond! The six-footer Oba was born in 1923, and he graduated with a B.A. (Tripos) in law at Kings College, Cambridge, England. Prior to his ascension to the throne, he served in several top Federal (national) public service positions in different parts of Nigeria such as Lagos, Enugu, and Ahoada.

During the Nigerian civil war, the Oba in his capacity as Permanent Secretary (Political) participated in the “Aburi” talks which were aimed at resolving the crisis. While he was a Crown Prince and Edaiken, he had gained administrative experience by working in local government, Oba Erediauwa, after the most qualitative education in England’s prestigious Cambridge University as an historian, lawyer and an administrator, worked and rose to the very top of both the Regional and Federal Civil Service. He knew, worked with, and advised all the Military heads of state, as well as the potential leaders that would eventually emerge with civilian government.

Oba Erediauwa was crowned on March 23, 1979, as the 38th Oba of Benin. Oba Erediauwa, like his father Oba Akenzua II, and his grandfather Oba Eweka II, ascended the throne of the Benin Kingdom in the throes of impending and profound political changes and re-orientation in Nigeria.

Oba Erediauwa’s era has witnessed tremendous intellectual, cultural, social, and economic growth. Dynamism is one of his chief assets because he has succeeded in maintaining and improving the role of the Edo monarchy in the face of massive modernization onslaughts from varied sources. His mother Iyoba ne ovbi Erua is alive and dwells in her palace at LowerUselu. As crowned prince, he was Prince Solomon Aisiokhuoba Igbinoghodua Akenzua. But he was crowned as Oba Erediauwa. It was as part of the rites of ascendancy to the revered Benin throne that he got the title “Erediauwa,” interpreted to symbolically mean “one who has come to put the house or society in order.”

The Omo N’Oba is seen as a quintessential icon of royalty and splendour. During the 30 years of his charismatic reign, the Benin kingdom has remained unified, peaceful and has witnessed expansion. This is attributed to his large and stately personality and the handling of issues before him with a rarity of wisdom.

Crown prince Solomon Akenzua ascended the throne with the title Oba Erediauwa. Before his ascension to throne the attended, many schools and Cambridge University London. He also held many governmental posts at state and federal levels

He modernized the palace courtyard and created many Enigie  (chiefs) to help administer various parts of the kingdom.

One of the most respected Africa monarch. An author, his high educational background help bring  to light the correct history of Edo people and the ancient Benin Empire, one of Africa oldest kingdom.

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