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The Ministry is not a project executing ministry. It is basically a services deliveryone. The report on the achievement recorded is not presented on departmental basis; rather, it is presented on functional format.

Staffing position of the ministry; as at 30th, September, 2012 the ministry's staff strength is 44. The figure is made up of 30 senior staff and 14 junior staff. While thegender composition is 25 males and 19 females. The staff changes witnessed in the ministry within the period under reference is as indicated hereunder:

Change                                                    No. of Staff                                      Remark
Promotion                                                           2
Left service by retirement

     Resolution of communal/Association disputes: within the period under reference, the ministry was able to go into and successfully resolve the communal dispute between Ijaja and Okpe Communities both in Akoko-edo local Government Area and that between the same Ijaja and Otuo community and Otuo Cmmunity in Owan East Local Government Area. The Ministry also successfully brokered peace between two warring factions within the Edo State Market Association. Hitherto, people in the said communities lived in fear and uncertainty. But with the resolution of the disputes, the inhabitants and members of the market association are able to live in peace and freely .and the prospect of progress in the endeavours of the people can now be better guaranteed. Chieftaincy matters: there are 78 traditional titles in Edo state for which we have 67 on the throne and eleven vacancies in the clans. Their titles vary from hereditary to rotational succession to the throne. Upon the above composition of a lot issue evolved out of which the underlisted chieftaincy matters came up as protests, petition and request which were processed.

i. The odafe of Enwan in Akoko-Edo Local Government 

ii. Village Head of Uneme-Osu in Central Uneme Federated clan in Akoko-Edo Local
Government Area.
iii. Amendment to the second schedule of the traditional Rulers and chiefs law, 1979


iv. Succession to the traditional ruler/village head of Okpashi and Ugboshi-lle

respectively in Akoko-Edo local Government Area.
v. Appointment of Onogie of Ujiogba in Esan west local Government Area
vi. The appointment into the clan headship of the Ojemai of Emai kingdom in owan
East local Government Area of Edo State
vii. The appointment of the village Head of Ikiran-lle in Akoko North clan, Akoko-Edo
local Government Area of Edo State
viii. The appointment of the Ogieagbase of Warrake in Owan East local Government
ix. The Ministry has successfully carried out the presentation of staff-of-office to the
ONOTARE of OZAllA clan in Owan West local Government Area of Edo State
x. The Ministry also participated in the celebration of the 10th year Anniversary /
70th year birthday of his Royal Majesty, Dr. George Oshiapi, Egabor, Omoaze 1,
the Okumagbe of Weppa Wanno Kingdom.
xi. The ministry during the period under review carried out the registration and
issuance of 66 (Nos.) certificates to deserving chiefs under the Benin Traditional
Council (BTC).
xii. The ministry also carried out registration and issuance of 19 (nos.) certificates to
Honorary Chieftaincy title holders in for Wappa Wanno clan.
Projects monitoring and economic intelligence: The ministry has in line with
state government policy on the matter, continued to give encouragement to the local
government in the state in replicating the state's developmental initiatives in their
domains. In this connection, the ministry has ensured that the excess crude funds
accruing to the local government have been exclusively devoted to the provision of
infrastructural facilities, such as modern school buildings, electricity, water schemes to
complement the efforts of the state government.

Operation of the local Government Joint Account: The ministry is the secretariat of the 
joint Allocation Committee (JAC). The salaries of primary school teachers and their non-
teaching counterparts particularly with the implementation of new minimum wage in
the year have continued to pose a challenge in the operation of the Joint Account in
the period under review.